BL; Contest #1; Gay Bar: The Deceptive Touch

The moon has risen past the horizon. The skyscrapers reflect the starry
night sky. A mixture of loud music can be heard throughout the Night Life
District. Now we go to a small gay bar at the edge of the district.
Drag Queens perform on stage while men dance under the disco ball. One
man sits alone at the bar. A young man starts walking towards the man at
the bar. He has already made him his target for the night.

I gently place my hand this lonely man’s shoulder. Our eyes meet and a sad smile forms on his lips.

“Oh, are you expecting someone?” I smile gently.

“Ah, well. He won’t be coming,” a sad sigh escaped him.

“I’m Aaron, and you are?” I give a charming smile.

“Luke,” he turned his attentions to the drink that sat before him.

I sit next to him and watch him slowly sip his it, “You can hang out with me tonight instead of sitting here by yourself, waiting for someone you said won’t show up.”

Luke hesitates and looks at me. He shifts in his seat and finishes his drink, “Alright, lets go.”

We both stood up and left the bar.

We enter through the front of the place I said was mine. We sat down on the
couch next to each other after we took off our shoes. I lean in closer and Luke turns to face me. Our lips lock in gentle kisses as I run my fingers through Luke’s soft brown hair, kissing him softly on the neck.

Slowly, little by little our clothing falls to the floor. I explore Luke’s body with my hands and lips, allowing myself to taste every inch of the body I am attracted to at the moment.

Luke grabs hold of my wavy black hair, pulling tightly as groans of pleasure erupted from within me. Pulling my head back up to meet his lips, Luke smiled and buried himself in this erotic kiss.

“I can’t hold it anymore…” I groan as I plunged deep within Luke’s body, ravaging him in ways he couldn’t even imagine. My hand continues to explore as I pulled in and out of his contorting body. Our heartbeat as one and breath connected. A final moan of gratification rolled through the air as our bodies parted; still feeling a slight connection, with our skin touching, we stared at each other. I smile, amused that I had done exactly as I had planned.

Luke frowns to himself as what he did fully sank in. He had just cheated on his boyfriend and felt satisfied. He sits up and slowly gathers his clothing as he felt a warm prickly sensation spread over him from my watching eyes for he had turned to face me with an embarrassed expression.

“Going to take a shower?” I ask.

“Yes, if you don’t mind.” Luke glances at me as he walks away, clutching his things to his naked build.

“Not at all,” I smile, “help yourself.”

Luke enters the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I listen for the sound of the shower running and once heard I get up, walking to the phone.

The phone rang three times before the other person answers.

“He is taking a shower right now. I expect the other half of the sum to deposited into my bank account. I hope you can finish this.” I hang up and sit on the couch, slowly pulling on my pants.

I glance at the bathroom door and am slightly shocked to see Luke standing there. His hair messy from towel drying, dripping onto his long sleeve button down collared shirt leaving behind patterns of see-through cloth that exposed his skin. He sighs as he buttons up his pants then looks at me. A strange expression overcame him as he set the towel on the bed near my legs.

“That is what happened,” Luke smiles strangely.

I tilt my head slightly. How much did he hear? How long was he standing there? “What?”

“You were hired by my boyfriend to sleep with me,” Luke laughs mechanically. “He wanted an excuse in-order to break up.”

I slowly stand up and reach out to him, “I’m sorry.”

Luke glares at me, smacking my outstretched hand away. “You’re sorry?” He laughs
and leaves the house, shutting the door quietly behind him.

I stand, bewildered, staring at the front door.

I slowly took control over myself, letting the events sink in. Luke believes his lover paid me? This should be interesting. I chuckle to myself.

Taking a quick shower and dressing in black fitted jeans and a dark green short sleeved shirt, I left that house and went to the bar.

“What can I get you, Aaron?” the bartender questioned as he wiped down the glass that was held in his hand.

“Whiskey on rocks,” I answer, running my hand through my hair.

“Is everything alright with you? You seem kind of down,” The bartender asks with concern reflecting in his sky blue eyes.

“Nothing, just plans didn’t pan out the way I wanted them to, Eddie.” I shrug as I sip my drink. “Business seems slow tonight.” After I finished my drink and said goodbyes, I left the bar.

I can hear footsteps behind me, I turn around but didn’t see anyone. I started walking a bit faster and I could hear someone again. Crap. I need to return to that place. I turn to look and see a dark shadow. Fear twisted in my gut as I broke into a full run, quickly sprinting into the house, locking the door and securing myself inside.

Looking in the mirror that faced the window; I let out a startled gasp. A man stood slightly hunched, with eyes that reflected the light, holding a gun in his hand as if he were ready to shoot at a moments notice. Muttering under my breath, “who is that?”


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