BL; Contest #2; All Male Brothel: Unknown Outcome (Title in progress)

This is the story of a secret all male brothel called Queens of The Night. It is a place where rich men from all over the world come to be with the queen of their choice. There are five queens who are the highest earners at Queens of The Night. These five have all broken the biggest rule at Queens of The Night and that is to never fall in love. Our story follows these five queens and their forbidden loves. Join us in this world of forbidden love.

Jacque and Andrew:

I noticed awhile ago. I fell in love with my customer. He treats me as if he were in love with me, with his gentle caresses and sweet kisses. I long to hold him longer but he is a busy man. What am I to do with these feelings that go against everything I had been taught?

This man is supposed to be here today around this time but he seems to be running late. Or is he no longer going to come here? Did he… No, I don’t even want to think about it. I stretch out in my bed and let out a long sigh. When will he be here? When can I hold him again? What am I going to do with these feelings of mine? I stretch out my arm, reaching out towards the ceiling as if I would be able to reach him that way. I let my arm fall to the bed and closed my eyes. Why do I have to feel this way? I am beginning to hate myself. I wonder if he knows that I only have slept with him and no other? How could he know? Maybe I should just confess to him and get this over with. Let’s go with that plan.I sat up and slowly stood up, turning to the bedroom door. As I started walking towards it, the door opened. There he stood. I could feel my face burning and a smile turning up my lips. Shit. It was way too obvious.

“Hey,” he said as he walks over to me. He gently strokes my flaming cheeks and smiles softly. “What are you thinking about, Jacque?” He ran his long slender fingers through my dark wavy hair, smiling as if he already knew everything and was just waiting for me to speak it all.

I step back slightly and beheld his beautiful grey eyes. “ Andrew,” I say in a soft voice. I am afraid that my voice will crack with emotions that are threatening to overwhelm me. “ I am in love with you.” I said it. I said it. I close my eyes tightly. What’s his expression like? Is he happy? Did he already know? I slowly open my eyes and lift my head to snatch a peek. His face was bright red. He was flushed and smiling. Does this mean he loves me back?

“ I know.” He said after regaining his composure. “ Will you be willing to leave this place with me?”

Jonathan and Eric:

 “Eric?” I said as I slightly nudged him. “You have to go.”

He looks at me dejected and smiles sadly. “Why? Lets stay like this a little longer.”

I groaned. “I hate men who don’t do as they are supposed to.” I move away from him and slip on the boxer briefs I had on a little before. “You have a meeting to attend and I have to see other clients.” I turned to face him and grin. The look on his face was beautiful. How I wanted to take him right there. I chuckle softly. “ The faster you get your work done, the faster you can keep me all to yourself.”

He gets up and slowly gets dressed. I walk over to him and help him with his tie and vest. He slips on his suit coat and sighs, “it won’t be soon enough.”

I watch him walk to the bedroom door and he stops. I tilt my head, slightly confused. Why did he stop? Normally he goes when I tell him to, after grumbling a bit.

“Jonathan, I don’t want you to keep doing this.” He turns to face me, tears forming at his eyes.

I am shocked. Why is he crying? This doesn’t make any sense. I approach him and gently wipe his tears, “Why are you crying, Erik?” I lean in to give him a kiss on his cute pouting lips but he steps away. I frown. What the hell? I stand up and cross my arms. What games is he playing now? Another “I love you” or “I want to spend our life together”. These games are annoying.

“Jon, I am being serious.” He quickly grabs hold of my arms and looks at me with such sweet blue eyes, drowning in tears and escaping down his slender face. “ I really want us to be together; I love you so much. But no matter how many times I tell you…” he stops talking and releases me, slowly turning away. “Never mind. It will only sound the same to you.” His voice full of yearning and something else I couldn’t put my finger on. I don’t understand; this makes no sense. How could he love someone like me? He left me standing in my own confusion. Was he saying goodbye? I felt a strange twisting in my heart. I don’t know what to do.

“Are you never coming back, Erik?” I moan miserably.

Landyn and Karu:

Karu sat at the table near the window as I sit and watch him. He glances at me occasionally and gives me a smile. He only really comes here just to talk. He has been coming for over two years now and hasn’t even done anything with me. I know I crave for his touch.

“Landyn?” He says as he sets down his book, smiling at me. I look up and smile back. “Come over here, Landyn.” I stand up, confusion ripples through my brain. Why is he talking to me like that? His voice silky smooth, gently stroking my skin. I walk over to him and go to his eye level, on my knees. I slightly look-up to see his face. I can see his eyes now for the lights reflection on his glasses was no longer interfering. His heavenly hazel eyes with flakes of green adorning them. A sigh escaped me and a slow smile spread over his lips. He strokes my hair back and gently touches my lips. Surprise grabs at me and a deep longing cloaks me. I reach out and slowly remove his glasses. I set them aside and gaze fervently at him. Lowering his face to mine, our lips lock. A gentle flick of his tongue against my lips, I open my mouth willingly. I want to taste him. I want to make him mine. I move quickly and closer, pulling him off the chair in which he sat. Deepening our kiss, he groans in pleasure. My hands, slowly exploring his body, I unbutton his silky shirt. Letting his lips depart from mine, I trail my tongue on his nipples and chest. He tastes so good; I want more.

“Landyn…” he gasped and moaned beneath me. “Stop.”

I ignore him and continue to enjoy my exploration. His grip on me tightens. I move along and undo his pants, slipping them off, just enough for slight exposure. I slipped my hand in his boxer briefs and began to tantalize his genitals. He’s so smooth and hard within my grasp. I tighten my grip and continue playing with him. His body convulsed as he hit orgasm, exploding in my hand. “Stop… no more… for now,” he gasps as I released him from my hold. I want more. I want more. I want more.

He looks away from me, grabbing his glasses and putting them on. I can see his ears turning red. “ Tomorrow, I will come back.”

Asher and Emmett:

I lay stretched out on the bed, smiling happy to myself. He told me that everything would be taken care of the last time he was here. He said he would take me out of this hell. Now, today he is coming to take me away.

She enters the room with a look of anger shadowing her face. I quickly sit up and stare at her.

“Asher, you broke the rules. You have less than a week to get your stuff and leave.” She snarled. I stare at her and then she smiled. “That’s right. Your wonderful Emmett is a married man and will not be leaving his wife for you. Isn’t that too bad?” She gloated and left the room.

Emmett is married? Why? How could I have not known? Why did he promise me an escape? Everything hurts. I slowly took my things and shoved them into a duffel. Where was I going to go? What am I going to do? Everything was falling apart. He said everything would be fine, that he would take care of it all… but he isn’t coming? Emmett, my Emmett. No, he isn’t mine. He never was. I could feel the tears trail down my face as I walk out of that room. I felt the stares of pity from the men within this brothel digging into me. My stomach churns.

“Asher,” a soft voice speaks. I turn around and see that it was just Jacque. “Go to this place if you have nowhere to go.” He silently slipped me the piece of paper and patted my back gently. “You will like it there; trust me.” His smile is nice, very sweet. Was he truly worried over me?

“Thank-you Jacque.” I smile as best as I can. I turned away and left that place. I walked and walked without turning back. I hate myself for being so stupid. I can’t believe I thought he really loved me… of course he is a married man.

I pulled the paper out of my pocket, staring at the address. What should I do? I need a place to stay the night at least… I will just go.

I look around me and notice I am on the main street and it was practically empty. The people who were out were very few as were the cars in the street. I noticed a cab not that far from me and hailed it. It stopped and pulled in front of me. I gave the male driver the paper and he drove off after I sat down in the back. I felt the weight of all the emotions I had throughout the day crash over me. Emmett. Emmett. Emmett, I want to see you.

“He fell asleep…” I heard a familiar voice. So soothing and warm. “I will take him in. Here is your fee.”

“Thank-you!” The driver happily took the money and I heard the car drive off.

Whose voice is this? Why does it bring such joy to me?

“I always thought you were the cutest when you slept, Asher.” I felt his lips touch mine as my eyes flew open. Emmett!!! My heart lunges and beats frantically. “Emmett, you’re here?” I wrap my arms around his neck nuzzling my face against him. “Emmett. Emmett.” I wept onto his broad shoulders as he held me tightly against him.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t get you out the way I had wished,” he whispered in my ear.

He is married. He is not mine. I pull away from him and stared at him, a mixture of emotions brewed within me. Happiness, anger, longing and sadness. “Are you still with your wife?”

He has a troubled look on his face as if he didn’t understand what I had just said.

 Seth and Jake:

 Why is he always so stubborn? Why does it always have to be his way? I kept thinking to myself the entire way to the Mother’s office. His hand gripped my wrist tightly as he pulled me along. I let out a long sigh. There was no way this would end well. No way at all.

“Excuse me!” Jake shouts as he pushes the door open and continues pulling me.

She looks up in angered surprise. “ What do you want?”

Jake grins, “This man. I want to take him from here.”

Her eyes widened, “Take him?” She looks at me and I smile.

“Yes. And if you do not allow this all the companies and newspapers will know all the horrible deeds that you have committed.”

She sighs. “One by one each of the best are leaving. How is this place suppose to stay afloat?” She stands up and walks over to us. “The rules are clear. You are not to fall in love.” She ignores Jake and caresses my face, giving off a sad smile. “ But I am not so cruel to keep you from the one you love.” She drops her hand and sighs. “I hope you find happiness this time, Seth.”

Jake turns to me and stares. “This time? What does she mean?”

I sighed. Seriously… why is she like this? I look at her and see that she is hiding a very wicked grin. Great now I need to explain to him… how am I to do that? Will he listen?

“Tell me and I will listen.” Jake’s eyes. His beautiful crystal clear eyes fogged with tears. I sigh, “Love, I had many things happen to me in order to get to this place. Everything that happened was against my will. I am in love with you,” I grab his face and stare deeply into the eyes that I love so much. “If you really want me to delve deep inside and tell you all that has happened to me, I will.” I pause and look away from him, dropping my hand. “ Is that what you want?”

“No… as long as you love me. For now that is enough.” Jake grabs my hands “ Look at me,Seth.”

I turn my head and look at him. A sad smile spread over his beautiful lips. “No matter what I love you.” His eyes mist over. “Now, lets leave this place.”

Leave? Should I? With him? He knows I played him. Why is he doing this? One thing I do know is if I go with him, I will know why he accepted my lame act. He keeps making me curious about him. I don’t even know what he does. I chuckle. “Alright, Let’s go.”

A bright smile erupted over his face. And he started to pull me away from that woman, from this life and away from this dirty brothel. I wonder what life will be like now…


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