Your Love; My Treasure

You should be my beloved

I will never let a day pass to the next without you gaining the knowledge of my love for you.

To keep that smile in your eyes, I am capable of many thing.

If you are by my side, I will show you how things can be.

So hold on to me,

And please don’t withdraw.

Let me be your everything.

I want to see your bare soul before my eyes;

All the ugly and the beauty,

The good and the bad.

I wish I could express my heart

And have you understand that your delight, your laughter, and your fulfillment is my vitality.

I strive to see it.

Your anger, depression and tears is my grave.

I fight to defend you.

I look upon you and my heart speeds.

We share an embrace and you can conquer me.

Your amusement makes my world turn, creating emotions inside myself that I have never known.

I’ll call out for all to take notice on how much I adore and treasure you.

Therefore, take hold unto me,

Never surrender your love for me.

You should be mine,

Forever at my side.


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