A Broken Chase and Shattered Love

I lay awake each night thinking of you,

And each night, I dream of different things.

But the delusions all end the same.

You are gone and never coming back.

I suffer a chase that I can not follow,

In fear of the bitter looks you will give unto me.

Why have you left me deserted?

I realize you are gone.

I understand you are far away.

My brain knows all this and yet I can’t help but wish…

I hope I could reach you as I stretch out my hand towards the sky.

I have longing to see you.

Whenever I think of you, I yearn to take back my actions.

This way you would have been secure.

This way you would have remained.

How I hate you not being here.

How I detest not knowing your thoughts and touch.

This pain

This guilt

This acrimony towards the fools

I am stricken, I was careless

I am contrite, I was one of those fools

To abase in emotions, feeling anger towards that which caused you stress and sickness

Emotional and physical clashes.

Drama and excessive bullshit.

Please reappear back at my side, risen.


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