My Stories Mean A Lot To Me….

So someone I just started getting to know gave me a bunch of helpful advice on improving my stories. She pointed out every flaw and told me how she would have fixed it. She did a good job. She was detailed and precise. I really like that a lot. This way I know I can improve. And be more detailed. I am one step closer to writing the genre that I really want. 

This means the world to me. My writing. I don’t know what I would do if I could never write again. To me, she is amazing. She is a hard worker and keeps her word. I wish I could meet her. Amazing.

I do not want to hear “good job, it is so good.” I do not want to hear “wow you write so well.” What I want is how I can improve, where I should improve. What parts in my story are good? What parts are bad? Why do you think that I write well? Tell me everything so that way I can achieve my goal.

I want to get to a point where I can write psychological horror. That is the genre that I am aiming towards. I am not good enough as a writer to start this yet. I need the help of friends, acquaintances and family to get me to improve. If you support me in this endevour, please, I beg of you, give me a detailed review… Thank-you.



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