At My Sister’s

Why is it that every time I go to my sister’s place I am really tired and energetic at the same? Is it because she has a kid? This week, so far, I have slept really well. I wake up early and put away the blankets and sheets I used. I get dressed for the day and make sure I have tidied my sleeping area. I have lots of energy.

At night I sleep and in the day I am awake. Normally I would take a little nap; I haven’t done that . At home I sleep during the day because I couldn’t fall asleep the night before. And that messes with the sleep cycle that I developed at my sister’s, which in turn makes me feel tired and sluggish the remainder of my waking hours.

Why can’t I sleep properly at my own place? I don’t understand. I will lie down to sleep at 10 pm; I will close my eyes to fall asleep but it never comes. I lay there awake for 1 to 2 hours, concentrating on my breathing and the sound of the soft thumping of my heart. Nothing. WTH!!?? Why can’t I sleep? I feel relaxed with no racing thoughts. I am calm and have done everything to prepare to go to sleep. I am tired and can feel the drowsiness hovering over me. But sleep doesn’t take me. Eventually I give up and will read manga the rest of the time until it is daybreak than I knock out.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I do not have the luxury of going to sleep in the morning. I need to wake up early, take a shower, and get ready for my classes. Most of the time I am really tired. 😦 It sucks.

😕 I wonder if any one has suggestions that could help me sleep when I am suppose to? 😀


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