BL: Part 4: A Past Love

I stood in the living room with my head bowed. What should I do? I know he was still alive when I left. But the beating I gave him could have killed him. Should I talk to the others? Should I turn myself in? I could feel my heart quickening and my breath getting caught in my chest.

The phone rings and I pick it up, holding my breath, “Hello?”

‘Hey Matt, this is Keil.’ He sounded strange.

“Umm, what’s wrong?” I asked.

‘Did you see the news?’

“Yeah, I did. I was just trying to figure out what I should do.” I sighed.

‘Oh…. so you are not planning on turning yourself in?’ A strange tone echoed in his voice.

” I had that thought. But I wasn’t sure if I should.” I paused listening intently on the line and heard someone else in the background that got angry at Keil.

“Who are you with right now?” There was a long pause, “hello?”

‘Aaron is with me. He was just telling me you shouldn’t turn yourself in. Ian had treasured you and would have tried to find ways to prevent that from happening.’ I heard him sigh.

“Yeah, you’re right. Even if he would have to pin it on himself.” I closed my eyes, and heard Keil call my name a few times before I hung up the phone.

I guess I knew what I was going to do.

I remember that I felt nervous and scared as I headed to the nearest police station. Ian may not like the fact that I was turning myself in but he would have respected my wishes.

The fear and nervousness had slowly dissipated and my breathing was normal. I can not let blame fall on the others for Ian’s sake. He worked hard saving them from whatever trouble they had.

I walked to the front desk and smiled politely at the receptionist, ” I have information on the beating that took place in the warehouse; may I speak with a detective in charge of the investigation?”

She looked at me slightly shocked; I guess I didn’t look like someone who would have that kind of information. She picked up the phone and “Someone is here saying they have information on your case, Detective. Should I send him through, or?” She stopped. “I understand.” She hung up and smiled back at me. “Take a seat over there,” she pointed at the chairs that sat in a half oval shape making it look like a frown. I sat down and waited; I felt the beat of my heart, a crazy pounding as if it were going berserk. I closed my eyes and tried to breath when I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Excuse me, young man?” A deep gravelly voice spoke and my eyes snapped open. “Yes?” I said as politely as I possibly could.

“Are you the one with the information on the warehouse?” He straightened himself out and watched my face.

I smiled and my breathing seemed to return to normal. “Yes , I am.”

“Come with me so I can ask you questions” he lead me to the back, in a room that had dull lighting. I sat down at the table and watched him sit down.

“I am Detective Mitchell and your name please?”

” Matt Grayson, Detective,” I smiled.

“You said you’re here because you have information regarding this case but to me it seems you are here to confess something.” He paused as he locked his eyes with mine.

I sighed. “Yes, that is correct. I saw the news saying that young man passed away.” I frowned, and started to stare at the table, with my hands clenched tightly together. ” I did everything; I killed him,” I confessed.

“Okay Matt, tell me the whole story; from the beginning.” He placed a gentle hand on mine and we locked eyes. “From the beginning,” he spoke to me calmly, in a gentle way that stirred my heart.

I sighed, “That would mean I need to tell you about Ian Mathews. He was the one that was murdered a few days back…” A sad smile split open across my face as tears fogged my vision.. “Ian was the kind of person that helped others of different backgrounds. He didn’t care who they were or what they did. If they needed help and if he could, he would help them….”

The Detective was patient in listening to me as I told the story with my eyes closed and tears rushing down my face. I stopped talking when I reached the recent events. About who found Cameron and so on. I opened my eyes and he was watching me.

” And than, what happened?” The detective’s voice was no longer sweet. No longer understanding. And the caring hand no longer on mine.

I sighed. “I found Cameron and beat him up with a metal pipe when he told me that he killed Ian because he wouldn’t return his feelings.” I paused wiping away the tears from my eyes. ” I didn’t know he would die. I thought he would be okay.”

The detective stood up and motioned for me to do the same. I did.

You have right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you?” 

“Yes.” I sighed as he closed the cuffs around my wrists. “Do you think I killed him?” I look up at the detective as he brought me to the front.

“No, I also don’t believe you found him,” he said. “I think you cut a bunch of things out and are withholding information that can be used to solve this case.” He took the cuffs off of me and put me in the holding cell; I stared at him with my mouth slightly open. I was in shock for that detective to put me here… I don’t know.

He kept me in the loop for the one week I was in the holding cell. Evidence came up saying someone came in to murder Cameron after my friends and I left.

I narrowed my eyes and frowned,”I was there by my–”

“Don’t even bother. Evidence says otherwise,” the detective interrupted.

I turned away from the bars looking at the window and sighed, “Can I leave then?”

“Yes, after I fill out some paperwork.” He smiled and left.

I stretched and walked over to the wall near the small window; I leaned against it, rubbing my temples and gave out a deep sigh.I remember being sure about one thing and that was the person who killed Cameron was someone within that group; Ian’s friends. The only people who would have known who and where Cameron was were people who Ian knew. I frowned. But who could it have been? Who is suspicious?


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