Cracks In The Ceiling

Is it even possible that walking around causes the ceiling in the apartment below us to crack? When I say walking I mean gentle, light footed steps. A few minutes ago the manager at our complex told me that we are always jumping and stomping around causing the downstairs neighbor’s ceiling to crack. She said that we need to stop doing that and not move the furniture around so their ceiling won’t collapse on them.

What the hell, b*tch? Are you saying we are so fat that one step causes their ceiling to crack? You have got to be kidding me!  There is no jumping or stomping here! We are very considerate to our downstairs neighbor. What do you expect us to do sit still and not move? How considerate do we have to with their kids running around screaming in the early morning? Why are you telling us to be quiet when people at who knows what time run around making loud noises and causing trouble?

You have these construction workers here, to do what? Your not getting their ceiling fixed, your not getting the rotting part of our wall fixed, and you sure are not handling the infestation that is crawling through each and every apartment building within the complex.

You told me about the complaint on our noise level. And what did I do? I made sure we weren’t as loud anymore, I made sure after a certain time we did quiet activities. How much more are you going to tell me I can’t do? Are you going to start saying my typing is to loud? (Okay I know that is a little farfetched…)

You are making me feel as if I do not have a right to do anything while I live here. If I try to appease everyone, I will not be happy. Do you want me to make that sacrifice? One more time and I will ask for proof that we are doing what you say. Physical proof. Can you get that? I don’t think so. There is nothing to collect.

I understand you have a problem with people who are not on the lease living here and that makes sense but that still doesn’t give you the right to hassle me.


2 thoughts on “Cracks In The Ceiling

  1. Lol dude you have no furniture barely lol and the next time she says that say fix my wall get rid of bugs in complex and seriously if you can’t even walk because the ceiling is cracking I’m pretty sure the building needs to evacuate…

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