BL: Part 3: A Past Love:

Putting down my pen, I stood up and stretched. I paced around the room, glancing out my window. The sun was still high in the sky, not a single cloud blocked it’s might. I sighed, wondering how things would be if Ian were still here. My heart skipped and I could feel tears coming fourth. I went back to the desk and seated myself, holding fast to the pen.

I sat in the backseat of Keil’s car, tapping my foot impatiently. What kind of person would betray Ian after all the help he had given?

We started to slow down and pulled in front of an old warehouse. I frowned.

“He is in there,” Keil said as he got out of the car. I followed suit. I looked around the building and noticed it was dark with trees covering every inch of the grounds near where the building stood. He started to walk ahead of me and glanced back, “Are you sure you want to be involved? you can still back out.”

I remember staring at him and scowling. “Back out?” I laughed as if what he said were some twisted joke, “No, I want to see this through.” He smiled and continued leading the way; I followed not that far behind.

As we entered the warehouse, I heard a slight mumbling. The others were here? Or was that the murderer? I quickened my pace heading towards the noise. What I saw was amazing. A young man, no older than I, sat bonded to a wooden chair with a piece of cloth that covered his eyes and something shoved into his mouth to keep him from making any noise. I turned to look at Keil who was on my left side, “Who is he?”

“I don’t really know. All I have is the name he had given us when he introduced himself a few months back.” Keil looked at me and noticed that I was waiting for more. “He said his name was Cameron.”

“How did he know Ian?” I crossed my arms.

“He….” He shifted on his feet. “Ian saved his life a couple of times.”

“Huh?” I shot a dirty look in the direction of Cameron. “He saved his life and this boy returns the favor by killing him?” I walked over to him and removed the fold that covered his eyes.

Keil turned the lights on just as a couple more people entered.

“What was the point in shooting and killing someone who had saved you?” I asked him as I pulled out the cloth that was shoved into his mouth.

“What do you mean?” He glared. “You would have done the same if you were in my place.”

I laughed. Done the same? I could never do anything that would hurt Ian. ” No, I wouldn’t. But why do you say that?”

“I loved him and I wanted him to be mine but he wouldn’t except me.” Cameron glared at me. “You did this. I f he didn’t have you, if he didn’t love you; he would have been mine.” He spit at me.

I stood up, feeling the anger boil  within me, “You killed Ian because he didn’t return your feelings?” I wiped the spit off my face with my shirt. I walked away and headed to where  noticed the metal pipes and took one. I hit him hard in the head, on the arms and legs. I continued beating him until someone pulled me off.

“Matt, you need to calm down,” his voice filled with anger. “I know the reason he told you is petty and I know Ian meant a lot to you just like he did to us but he would not want us to kill him in his stead.”

I turned to face that person, “Who are you?” I asked dropping the metal pipe with a clang.

“Aaron.” He smiled sadly, “I considered Ian my best friend.”

“I see.” I looked back at what was left of Cameron and shuddered. If I had kept going he would have died. A rasping breathing came from him and blood bubbles escaped his nose. A small puddle was forming.

Ah, I am sorry Ian. I ran my blood covered hand through my hair and sighed

Keil, Aaron and the woman who came with him untied Cameron from the chair and put him on the ground. I watched as the picked up the ropes, the cloth and took the chair with them. I looked at Cameron’s body and tears slipped down my face. I remember thinking that I hurt something Ian saved and protected, that he must have had some worth in his life that Ian had seen. Did I destroy that with what I did? I left the building with the thought that Cameron deserved to die for doing that to Ian.

On the way home, I sat in the front next to Keil and watched as we drove pass the trees and other roads.

“Are you okay?” Keil asked me with a heaviness in his voice.

I looked at him and smiled, “Yeah, I will be. You?”

“Yeah.” As he pulled in front of my house, he began to talk, “Ian told us about you a long time ago, I believe it was when you transferred in. He had said there is an interesting person in my class and I hope I can get to know him. He even told us when you started watching him and asking around for information on him.” Keil chuckled slightly, “I think he fell for you since the beginning and this made him really happy. It made us happy too because things rarely made him laugh.”

I opened the car door and stepped out. Looked back at Keil and smiled with tears streaming down my face. “You all must have loved him dearly.”

Keil gave off a gentle smile causing a strange feeling to cloud the edges of my mind.

I shut the door and walked away, slipping into my house.

The next morning, that day seemed like a blurry dream Until I walked into the kitchen and saw what was on the news.

“A body was found in an abandoned warehouse, badly beaten. The police are searching the nearby areas to find any suspects related to this horrendous crime. Some people are saying it might be connected to the earlier shooting and death of Ian Matthews,” the news reporter stated. ” In lighter news…”

Her voice drowned out and everything fell silent as I stared blankly at the screen.


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