Life as I know it

Someone who is supposed to be my best friend told me that she isn’t supposed to be my friend because I am not christian and she only talks to me because I am her cousin. She said it in a way that makes it seem I should be grateful that she even acknowledges my existence. She told me that if I support homosexuals that I am disgusting and a sinner. She said by reading Boys Love stories I will turn into a lesbian and become obsessed with the same gender. I feel like I am becoming something I am not by listening to this kind of stuff on a daily basis, in different contexts. It hurts and I feel that I can not open up to anyone I live with. People always do what you least expect of them and than they hurt you.

You would think that with how the world is going, more people will support the right for equality in relationships. I instead their are people who call homosexuality disgusting and sinful. If they find it so wrong, they are not the one doing it. Everyone deserves to be happy. Everyone has the right love.


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